Having healthy bowels is absolutely vital to our good health.  Constipation is just one way that our bowels are not healthy.  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we understand that this ailment can literally disable us from living full, active, and healthy lives.

At ERPT we spend a considerable time finding the cause of the constipation – diet, abdominal organ restrictions, or abdominal scar tissue may all be the cause of the constipation.  We manually mobilize the organ restrictions and the scar tissue to allow the bowel to work appropriately and allow you to live your life without constipation.  We provide education to help you with a diet that will promote healthy bowels.

We have been able to help many people who have suffered for years with chronic constipation become ‘regular’ again and be able to regain control of their life.  If you are suffering from constipation, consider ERPT to regain your life back…..and bowels back.


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