Prostatis is clearly a problem that is growing in our population – affecting men in nearly all ages.  We have seen a growing amount of people who need help with this ailment, and we are grateful to provide specialized techniques for this debilitating problem.

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy (ERPT) we have learned how to balance the pressures throughout the different cavities in the body – the cranium, thorax, abdominal, and pelvic cavities.  What we have found is that by changing or affecting these different pressures, we can affect the pressure that is directly on the prostate, and thus decrease the symptoms surrounding prostatitis.  I have heard from many men that they didn’t know who to turn to till they learned that they have to look for people who treat women’s health.  We have many techniques for women’s health AND men’s health.

That does make sense as we have a more sound understanding of different reasons for pelvic symptoms in males – such as prostatitis.  Men who have problems with pain while sitting, or problems with increased urinary frequency, or urninary urgency, or improper urine drainage have found relief here at ERPT.  While it is hard to discuss, and a little embarrassing, there is relief for people who have symptoms such as prostatitis.

Give us a call, we would love to help you get out of pain.

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