Elbow pain can be very slow in coming and very painful when it hits – as if suddenly.  Usually this pain come without any trauma whatsoever.  This usually comes from repetitive use – sometimes we hear of “tennis elbow.”  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we are consistently striving to use the most current techniques to restore motion around the elbow – and relieve pain and allow for full function.  We have been able to help see the benefits that therapy can have to help people overcome elbow pains and continue living full lives.

Full supination and pronation is needed to complete all functions of life – if any of these movements are limited, we can help you at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to regain that motion and return to full function.

Limited flexion and extension will limit full function in everyday life.  If these movements are limited we would love to help restore that movement at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy – give us a call – 208-522-7627.

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