Low Back Pain (LBP) is a common ailment that afflicts a large portion of the population.  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we use our manual therapy skills to diagnose and treat the many causes of LBP and “sciatica.”  We have employed the various joint manipulation techniques as well as the organ (visceral/abdominal) manipulation techniques to decrease pains in the lower back as well pains in the lower extremity.  We have helped many people overcome LBP and leg pain by simply using the organ manipulation and mobilization techniques that are relatively new to the medical world.  These techniques hold a high value to help people overcome their symptoms and and have an extremely low risk for causing additional pains.

Some indications that your low back pain and “sciatic” pain might respond well to

older gentleman with back pain when getting out of bed.

abdominal mobilization are, but not limited to: an increase in pains when coming from the sitting to the standing position, pains increase when leaning to the back, pain stop in the middle of the “thigh”muscle, or pains that start in the middle of the back and extend to the lower

back area.  If you are having issues with constipation, digestion, heartburn, rib pains.

We also employ specific exercises to help people with

low back pain and “sciatica” pains.  We go through extensive lengths to assure that each patient has an individual Home Exercise Program that they can complete everyday to avoid the LBP and “sciatic” pains.  By doing these exercises, your back will be strong and have you will have a better chance to overcome and avoid this debilitating issue.  If you have suffered from LBP already, then doing these exercises will help to alleviate your pains.  As a general rule, complete exercises 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  If your condition worsens, seek medical help.


Pelvic Clock – Imagine a clock is lying on your abdomen – tilt your pelvic in these directions – from 12:00-6:00, 9:00-3:00, 11:00-5:00, 1:00-7:00

Straight Leg Raises – lying flat on your back – lift your straightened leg straight up and down.

Lying flat on your back – lift your pelvis (bum) straight in the air

Prone leg lifts – lying on your back – lift your leg straight up in the air 4-5″

Lying on your back – lift your upper body straight up in the air
Sciatica is a common diagnose given to many people with Low Back Pain or upper leg pain.  Pain is so debilitating at times that many people can’t even walk.  Below are a few exercises that might help alleviate some “sciatica” pains.  This can be added to the exercises above to help Low Back Pain – as they many times have the same root problem.  

The piriformis stretch is a great way to alleviate some sciatic symptoms – the piriformis muscle runs right over the sciatic nerve and by stretching this muscle, the opening for the sciatic nerve might be opened a little, insomuch that there could be a decrease in pains

This is a little bit less of a dynamic stretch – but can be productive nonetheless for stretching the piriformis muscle and relieving some pain on the sciatic nerve.

If you are unable to lift your leg for this stretch – family member or friend might be able to assist you – thus helping decrease you pain – just move the knee to the opposite side.


We hope these exercises are enough to get you out of pain – if they aren’t enough, or if you think you need more care to get out of pain and stay out of pain, give us a call and we will be happy to help you.


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