Foot/Ankle Pain
There are few ailments as functionally limiting as foot and ankle pain.  Many times I will hear, “Just help me to walk without pain.”  
Walking provides us great freedom to move and get around as we want – and if that is limited by pain with walking, then our freedoms are at risk.
At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we use advanced techniques to align the ankle, strengthen/stabilize the ankle, and myofascial release to decrease pains in the ankle. We want to increase your freedom to walk without pain and thus have full function in your life.
Below you will find a few exercises that might help decrease your pain and increase your function.  As always, please be cautious with these exercises as they might worsen your symptoms and not improve them – depending on the actual damage to the foot/ankle.


There is an ailment caused “equines deformity.”  This usually comes from a shortened gastc which usually comes from shortened calf (gastroc muscles).  Stretching this muscle is not easy – but can be done at home – and should be done at home.  This is good for plantar fasciitis, general ankle pain, and forefoot pain.

Simply stand about 2-3 feet from a wall and push into the wall.  Complete this while pushing the heel into the ground until you feel a strong stretch in the calf muscle.  Hold for 30 seconds to a minute 3 times.  Complete 2-3 sets a day.


Be sure to add this to your exercise plan – the soleus muscle can also cause the equines deformity and thus the foot/ankle pain.

Stand 1-3 feet a wall and then put hands on the wall.  Lean into the wall and put the unaffected foot toward the wall.  Then, with the involved foot toward the back, bend the knee slightly and feel the stretch in the calf muscle area.  Hold 30 seconds to a minute and completed 3 repetitions.  Complete 2-3 times a day.


This ankle is done by straightening the knee and with the kneecap pointed straight up – moving the toes back and forth.  This might be painful if there is a mal-alignment or a biomechanics alteration of the ankle – if either of these movements hurt while completed this exercise – seek help immediately.  We have the needed manual therapy techniques to help you ankle move better and feel better so you can regain the mobility you desire.


This is a vital exercise to help prevent blood clots while you are recovering.  Simply lie on your back and kick your foot back and forth – moving the ankle.  This keeps the blood moving through your leg and not pooling.
If these exercises don’t help, or if you feel you need more help, give us a call and you can start your journey to be without pain again!

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