I have added this in addition to the carpal tunnel page due to the fact that I see many people in my office who have arm and hand numbness, and they have been told by their doctor or orthopedic surgeon that they don’t have carpal tunnel.  It is common that these people have complaints of headaches.

Here at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have advanced training and have attended many continuing education classes where we have learned the course of the travel that these nerves make from the brain, to the neck, and then through the thorax and into the arm.  There are many specific spots where these nerves may be restricted or pinched that cause pain and numbness distally.  These nerve have a blood supply, and if the nerves are pinched that blood supply can be affected, and that can cause a myriad of symptoms.  We use specific and direct mobilizations on those nerves – from the neck to the hand, and therefore we are able to restore the function of nerve and allow it to heal.

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