I am adding this page in response to some patients who have found great relief for their infants here at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy (ERPT).

We have learned through continuing education and experience the need for a baby to not have acid reflux.  That is a need for the baby, and the parents (mostly the mother) trying to care of the infant.  The infants are classified as having “colic” and many times are on medications to decrease the stomach acid.  The mothers are bewildered as their baby never sleeps well, and can’t sleep in the lying flat in the crib.  The babies are miserable in life – with no answers or cures to their ailments.
Here at ERPT we use non-medicinal, manual hands-on, and very gentle techniques to help infants overcome acid reflux and be able to lie down flat and live without pain.  We have been able to help infants start sleeping in the crib in just one treatment – whereas before they were sleeping in the car-seat.  These babies immediately are more happy and contented due to the relief of the burning in their throat.  If your baby is “colic” and is having a hard time sleeping on a flat surface, give ERPT a try – it can’t hurt, but it can help.