Erectile Dysfunction can be an embarrassing symptom to have.  It limits self-confidence and affects our relationships.  Erectile Dysfunction affects many men of many ages – you are not alone.  There are many helps for people who have erectile dysfunction – most of them involve taking a medicine to help achieve an erection, and then have it long enough for sexual intercourse.

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we can’t prescribe medications.  We use manual therapy techniques – mostly based on vascular manipulation – the manipulation of the blood vessels in the body to increase blood flow – which is absolutely necessary to achieve an erection.  We also use visceral manipulation to help take the pressure off the vessels that are needed to help men achieve an erection.  These are very non-invasive techniques that gently mobilize the organs to relieve pressure and improve blood flow.  Many times, men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction also have neuropathy in the feet and decreased blood flow into the legs.

If you need help overcoming Erectile Dysfunction – give us a call and we can get you back in the game!

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