To an athlete that likes to perform at high levels, running pain can be a very aggravating ailment.  Sitting is painless, walking is painless, but running is PAINFUL. They want to be able to again run without pain.  We, at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, are highly active people and we understand what it is like to not be able to run without pain.

Dr. Jacob Roberts was a cross-country runner at Ricks college and had the unfortunate experience of have a “hip pointer” injury limit his ability to run full force.  If only he knew then what he knows now – he would have been pain free.  Now, he can help people who experience pain while running overcome their symptoms and do their best without being limited by pains while running.

We assess and analyze the gait cycle of your run and were the possible sources of where your pains are originating from – why you feel this pain only after 6,8, or even 10 miles of running.  We then use our manual treatment to fix the problem, and then our therapeutic exercises to correct the biomechanics deficiency so that running is again not limited by specific pains – other than just agonizing pain that running generally causes.

If you have pain that limits your running, let us at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy help you run freely again.  Give us a call at 208-522-7627, or fill out the form below to get some relief.

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