At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we use a wide array of tools to help people get out of pain, improve their life, and get moving.  An integral part of those tools are exercises.

Chronic Pain Treatment Areas

Choose the location of your pain below for a basic explanation of that ailment and a few basic exercises the might help alleviate your pains – nobody wants to be in pain!

We design and implement very specific exercises for every part of the body that we treat.

Chronic Pain Treatments

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we use advanced manual therapy techniques to target the root cause of your chronic pain.  These therapies are designed and targeted to eliminate the reason you are having chronic pain and not simply cover up the symptoms of chronic pain.

Our treatments also include exercises that will benefit those who are experiencing chronic pain.  The exercises also help in the prevention of future chronic pain.

As with any new treatment, initially there might be some discomfort, so always take extra pre-caution when starting a new exercise treatment.

Getting Started

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