Ankle Sprains are one of the most common athletic injuries.  Many people just “walk it off.”  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we understand what happens with the ankle bones during an ankle sprain and that sometimes you just can’t “walk it off.”

We use specific manual ankle joint mobilizations to align the ankle and allow for proper movement.  We assess the knee joint to assure that it is in good alignment.  We use soft tissue mobilization to promote quick and fast healing and to decrease pain.  We have been able to help people who have presented to the clinic with x-rays that look great but are still unable to weight bear on their sprained ankle.  We employed the techniques we have learned to be able to help them weight bear on their foot again.

If you have suffered an ankle sprain and are having a hard time getting back in the game, come into Eagle Rock Physical Therapy and we will get you off the injured list and back in the lineup – whether that lineup is in a game – or in life.  Give us a call at 208-522-7627, or fill out the form below to get to walking without pain again!

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