Pelvic organ prolapse has a vey debilitating effect on a women’s life.  This can be quite complicated and difficult to treat – however at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have a tool box full of treatment plans to improve this issue.

A hypotonic, weak pelvic floor often leads to pelvic organ prolapse.  The majority of the people who present to ERPT with this ailment improve after 4-6 weeks of therapy.  There are a few outsiders that takes a significant amount more, and even some who never fully overcome that “feeling” of prolapse.   It usually begins after child birth, or some traumatic event to the body.

We spend a great deal of time on education to learn what is happening during a prolapse and what structures are involved.  We use manual (hands-on) treatment to align the pelvis, work out abdominal restrictions that might be promoting the prolapse, and exercises to promote pelvic strength and stability.  We learn these techniques through continual education classes.  Roughly 90% of patients overcome pelvic organ prolapse without internal manual therapy techniques – and using only external techniques.  In all of our patients, we employ the external manual therapy techniques (uterus lift, messenteric root lift…all externally) first, and then if those techniques don’t work, then there is the option for an internal release.

A great deal of treatment consists of education on a home exercise program.  The more our patients complete the program – the higher chance they have for a full recovery.  We have experienced great joy in helping people overcome pelvic organ prolapse.

If you have been told by your physician that you have pelvic organ prolapse, or feel that you have pelvic organ prolapse, we would love to help you regain your life again – without that feeling or worry of pelvic organ prolapse.
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