We have been seeing a lot of people with secondary symptoms of sinus problems.  They usually present with other symptoms such as headache, acid reflux, or even incontinence.  They report a long history of chronic drainage from the sinuses, out of control allergies, and drainage from the eyes, even blurry vision.

Here at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we work with the different cavities of the body to normalize the pressure gradients.  We work with with the cranial cavity, the thorax, abdomen, and pelvic cavities.  We try to figure out the reasons why there is the excess drainage from the sinuses and what to do to correct those reasons – through nerve mobilizations, visceral mobilizations, and sinus drainage and release techinques.  Many times, the sinus is the causing factors for the headache, or the pelvic pain, and after working with the sinuses, the other symptoms resolve.  It is a great addition to our practice, to work directly with the sinuses.

If you are having sinus symptoms, please consider Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to help you return to sound health and well-being.

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