This is a very common diagnosis offered people who have pain extending down the leg, and low back pain.  They often times have had an MRI, and there is no clear reason or cause of the pain on the MRI report.  People who have sciatica have issues sitting, yet sitting is often times what they need to do the most.  We sit for work, driving, and relaxing – and yet people who have sciatica simply can’t sit without extreme pains.  It is a discouraging and awful symptom to live with.


Here at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we have the tools necessary to help people over come the dreaded and common diagnosis of sciatica.  We use advanced manual therapy techniques to help the sciatic nerve glide seemlessly under the piriformis muscle.  We use pelvic alignment mobilization techniques to assure correct lumbar and pelvic alignment.  We follow the sciatic nerve down the lower extremity – behind the hamstring – and then as it separates into two separate nerves (common fibular and posterior tibial) and then down into the foot – the plantar nerve.  Many times people also have tight hamstrings and symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

It is a joy to help people overcome this terrible diagnosis, and again live a life with less pain.


The piriformis stretch is a great way to alleviate some sciatic symptoms – the piriformis muscle runs right over the sciatic nerve and by stretching this muscle, the opening for the sciatic nerve might be opened a little, insomuch that there could be a decrease in pains.




This one stretch can help a lot of people with the sciatica pains – we hope it helps you get out of pain.  If it doesn’t then give us a call and we would love to help you get comfortable and out of pain.


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