Participating in sports can be a great way to battle the stresses this life can bring.  However, with high level spots activities there can be a high risk as well – and sometimes injury can happen with those high risks.  There are many injuries that can happen, and we will highlight more and more injuries as time permits – but for now we will highlight two specific injuries – general running pain and ankle sprain.
Our Goals at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy are going to be to get you back in the game as soon as possible.  Evidence shows that the techniques we use to treat many sports-related injuries get athletes back in the game sooner than without therapy.  We use techniques to allow the proper healing to take place and allow for full recovery and not persistent issues.
If you have been injured during a sports-related activity, we would love to help you at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to return back to your game!
Running Pain
Ankle Sprains