Our bodies are made of many joints, that consist of many moving parts.  Just like in the engine of a car, if these parts are not moving well together, they can cause dysfunction – in our bodies – dysfunction usually means pain…and a lot of it!  In the case of cars, many of those moving parts can simply be replaced with a knowledgeable mechanic and some money – no pain involved (except the pain on the wallet).  In the case of of our bodies – replacement of these moving parts can be painful and very costly – on our time and wallet.  Here at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we

love to help people get out of joint pain – not by removing or replacing the failing parts or joints, but by rehabilitating those painful moving joints.  We have very specific techniques and direct joint mobilizations

to help people get out pain and improve their function.  We are not talking about “cracking” the joint or “popping” the joint – we use techniques that require very little energy, but a high degree of precision to loosen up specific tissues in the body that are causing the joint pain.  We use these techniques to help people who have chronic knee pain, ankle pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain.  These mobilizations are great for people who have neck pain or low back pain.  If the precision is direct and exactly what the bodies needs – the energy required is minimal, and the results are amazing.

If you have any joint pain, give us a call to get out pain and improve your function – 208-522-7627