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At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we help eliminate pain through specialized manual therapies that are customized to help your body heal...

Cutting Edge Physical Therapy

Eagle Rock Physical Therapy (ERPT) located in Idaho Falls, is the first manual therapy solutions based clinic in Eastern Idaho and has been serving our community since 2007.

We provide cutting edge physical therapy techniques learned through hands-on practice and continuing education programs attended several times each year.

nurse helping patietn recover range of motion through therapy.
professional using manual therapy techniques on patient.

Hands-On Technique

Our treatments are centered on the use of manual (hands-on) techniques, therapeutic exercises, and modalities to relieve pain, repair body tissue, and restore function and happiness in the lives of our patients.

We understand the supreme value of quality manual treatment to provide the solutions to our patient’s pain. ERPT provides the best physical therapy care in Eastern Idaho.

What to expect when visiting Eagle Rock Physical Therapy

At ERPT we respect the fact that you have taken your time to come visit us in therapy and employ our services – you are our employer – and you have trusted us with your recovery.

We don’t like to waste your time so we don’t like wait times in our clinic. The first visit will include some time to fill out paperwork and then about 50-60 minutes for evaluation and treatment. Each visit until you are fully recovered lasts 55-65 minutes and in each visit a clinician will manually work on you as needed along with appropriate therapeutic exercise and modalities.

Your care will be under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist and licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.

We appreciate the fact that you have chosen to use us for your therapy and will provide the most current and hands on approach that is available. Our clinicians pride themselves on giving quality care that enables their patients to get back to living pain free.