Many people have tried various treatments over various amounts of time (years in some cases) to overcome radial tunnel syndrome.  People go about their lives dealing with this pain – unable to lift heavy items, inability to work at a computer without pain, or decreased capability to care after themselves and their family.  This should not be.

We have found at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy that stretching the radial nerve, and opening the radial tunnel through manual hands-on techniques pain can be relieved, mobility improved, and function restored.  The exercises provided might be enough to stretch the affect radial nerve, but is pain persists, or worsens, seek professional help.

Inflammation and pain can occur from a radial nerve with no room to move.

Stretching the wrist extensors and the radial nerve itself may help to decrease pain.
Radial Nerve Stretch – This is a good stretch to employ to stretch both the radial nerve and the wrist extensor muscle.  It is also good to move the head back and worth while holding the hand as in the picture.  Hold for 30-60 seconds and completed 3 sets of 3 reps.
We use this stretch, plus awesome manual therapy techniques here to alleviate restrictions in the radial nerve.  These are practiced here, taught here, and healing occurs.  We would invite to try these exercises at home – if they don’t work, call us and we can help you overcome radial tunnel syndrome.