man suffering from neck pain.Neck pain can be caused by a myriad of ailments, and it causes a myriad a functional limitations.  It could be a mal-alignment of the neck, myofascial pain, or strained muscles – or all three might be causing pain. People often report that they feel unsafe driving as their neck motion will not all proper checking of blind spots.

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we use manual (hands-on) techniques) and exercises to alleviate neck pain.  Below are a few of the exercises that help MOST neck pains – not all.  These might help you with your neck pain.  The best thing a person with neck pain can do to treat their own symptoms is improving posture, as explained on the headaches page.   A head that is moved forward just one inch doubles the weight of the head – and the muscles that have to hold up the head have an extra strain placed upon them.  This causes myofascial trigger points, abnormal pressures in the intervertebral disc, and strained ligaments and connective tissues.  Improving your posture might be all you need.

A mal-alignment of the neck could also be causing your symptoms – this would require seeing us at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to align your neck and decrease the pressure causing the headache, and thus restore function.  We have seen almost unbelievable results in helping people overcome headache symptoms – some that have even lasted for decades.

Consider coming to Eagle Rock Physical Therapy if your pains worsen with these exercises.

NECK RETRACTION – Pull chin straight back – not up or down – straight back.  Do not complete if distal symptoms are felt into arms.  It is as if you are trying to make a double-chin for yourself.

SHOULDER EXTERNAL ROTATION – with theraband anchored strongly in a door, or around a bar or pole, hold a towel in-between elbow and body and with elbow bent to 90 degrees, pull hand out against resistance of the thearband.  Be sure to hold a towel between elbow and body securely.


Rows – with theraband secured – pull arms back, pinching shoulder blades.  This can be done with arms at right by your side and with arms out at 90 degrees.


We are hopeful that these exercises will help alleviate your neck pain – but many times it takes more intense manual therapy to take the pressure off the neck and relieve the pain.  If you try these exercises and you still have pain, give us a call and we can help you get out of pain.

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