Shoulder pain is a VERY common ailment.  It affects the highly active people among us, as well as the more sedentary people among us.  The common denominator amongst nearly all non-traumatic shoulder is a weak shoulder external rotators – the infraspinatus muscle.

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we understand this important muscle and employ the shoulder external rotation exercise to help stabilize the shoulder.  We like to use this exercise in conjunction with correcting the biomechanical deficiencies of the shoulder with manual techniques – myofascial trigger point release, abdominal organ manipulation, and joint mobilization.   We stretch out the shoulder adductor muscles – pectoralis major and minor and work from the sternoclavicular (SC) joint out to the glenohumoral (GH)joint to make sure all are functioning appropriately within their realm of mobility.

We also help people who have had a shoulder Rotator Cuff repair and Sub-Acromial Decompression Surgeries.
Helping people overcome shoulder pain is very rewarding as a person uses their shoulders all day everyday.


The theraband is anchored strongly in a door, or around a bar or pole, hold a towel in-between elbow and body and with elbow bent to 90 degrees, pull hand out against resistance of the theraband.  Be sure to hold a towel between elbow and body securely.



This is done with theraband secured in a safe way to be pulled against with both hands – pull arms back, pinching shoulder blades.  This can be done with arms at right by your side and with arms out at 90 degrees.