Pelvic Pain afflicts many women – you are not alone.  It can be caused by a myriad of problems in the lower back, pubis symphysis joint (joint in front of pelvis), pelvic floor hypertonicity (too tight) or hypotonicity (too lose), or a problem stemming from the hip.  As you know, pelvic pain can be very debilitating no matter where it comes from.

Many people ask with a certain level of apprehension and hesitation, “what can a physical therapist do for a person with pelvic pain?”  Well, the answer is that we evaluate the pelvis just like we would evaluate any other part of the body – examining the motion around the pelvis (quantity and quality), the strength and tone of the pelvic muscles, and any tension in the pelvic floor muscles.  We will also check the mobility and motility of the abdominal and pelvic organs….all externally.

We go to great lengths to assure that great sensitivity is applied to this tender area of the body, with an understanding that pain in this area causes high levels of dysfunction and apprehension.  The pelvic floor has many responsibilities to help us exist as humans, and any malfunction in the pelvic floor can cause great distress.

We do hear a lot of people say they have been to many providers over the course of several years with little relief from pain.  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we are able to take a different approach to this area to relieve pain, increase function, and provide a better quality of life.

Give us a call, we would love to help you get out of pain.

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