Swallowing is normally a easy human function that we do several times a day, and most the time it is without any problem at all.  We enjoy eating with no issues – unless, that is, swallowing is an issue.  There are times when the food just doesn’t go down and “get stuck” mid-way.  It builds and builds and soon it won’t go down at all – and there is nothing else to do – beside vomit the food back up – AWFUL.

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have extensive training to help people regain the ability to swallow – without surgery or meds!  We use manual therapy techniques to stretch out the esophagus, improve the function and mobility of the digestive valves, and help the food go down – never up.  It is so awesome to have a patient come into the clinic with barely the ability to eat, and then come back with no more vomiting, no more of the food getting stuck, and the ability to eat freely.

If you are ready to eat freely, and overcome the problem of difficulty swallowing – give Eagle Rock Physical Therapy a try – we could have you eating with no issues in a few treatments!

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