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We specialize in treating all forms of chronic physical pain.  Our physical therapists are specialists in dynamic manual physical therapy.

Our physical therapists are specialists in therapies like, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, which is known to eliminate chronic pain, eliminate the need for some medications, help the body naturally heal and ultimately, return the body to its normal function.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a physical therapy technique that focuses on the internal organs of the body.  In medical terminology, internal organs are referred to as the “viscera” thus this specialized therapy is known as visceral manipulation.

The gentle manual therapy techniques are an evaluation of the entire body to identify areas of altered or decreased motion within the viscera.  When restrictive areas are identified, visceral manipulation therapy re-establishes the body’s natural ability to repair and restore itself to health.

Visceral Manipulation treatments include:

And much more!

Through visceral manipulation, the body’s dysfunction that causes pain and debilitation is identified and treated thus helping the patient’s body return to full health.

Neural Manipulation

Neural manipulation is a physical therapy technique that focuses on the body’s nervous system.  The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that run throughout the body.  When the nervous system does not function correctly, a person will experience pain and loss of function in various areas throughout the body.

With neural manipulation, the therapist identifies neural restrictions and the coinciding effects of the body.  Applying gentle manual therapy techniques, the therapist restores the nerve to a functional state which, in turn, relives pain, discomfort and helps the body restore its normal function.

Neural manipulation is effective in treating conditions like:

These conditions and many more can be treated with neural manipulation.

Unresolved Conditions

Through neural and visceral manipulation can help people with unresolved symptoms that involve the nerves, viscera or abdominal organs.  If you have been struggling with a chronic condition that doesn’t seem to have a solution, we can help!

For example, if a liver is stiff and immobile, that can affect the way a right shoulder can move, thus causing shoulder pain.  By restoring the mobility of the liver, we can restore the movement of the right shoulder.  Thus, we can stop the shoulder pain and restore the movement.

We are able to mobilize the stomach and pancreas to help a person with unresolved left shoulder pain.

Another example, if a person has been given the diagnosis of “gastroparesis” we can restore the mobility of the stomach with specific manual therapy techniques, so the stomach can process the food and improve digestion and decrease the symptoms and pain of “gastroparesis.”

Many times, symptoms arise after a severely traumatic incident.  However strange as it may seem, pain can manifest without an accident or traumatic incident and slowly become apparent over time.

Again, visceral manipulation is gentle, specific, and great therapy for restoring health, mobility, strength, and vitality to life.  We are able to restore movement and function of bodily structures often over-looked by well-meaning heath care professionals and practitioners.

Chronic Pain Relief 

Chronic pain can stem from many conditions.  It is our specialty to identify the source of the pain and apply the appropriate physical therapy.  Through a combination of visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, exercises, and other effective modalities, chronic pain can be eliminated.

The core value of our practice is to reduce pain, especially chronic pain, thus returning our patients to a normal, happy and healthy life.

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