Clearly, our lives as a whole community have been massively changed by the onset of the COVID-19 virus.  This virus has affected our society in every imaginable way.  People who have become infected by the COVID-19 virus have been affected most individually as well.  Many times there are extended issues from having this virus.  However, there are times when it has caused long-term negative effects on the body.  Nerves can be the target of the long-term damage (loss of some taste for example).  Also there are body aches and chest pains that continue after the virus has run its course.  It is all very individual and everyone reacts differently to this virus.

Here at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have specialized manual therapy techniques to help people overcome “Long COVID-19.”  We have been able to help several patients who have had a hard time bouncing back after overcoming the COVID-19.  Symptoms include: chronic fatigue, chest pains, difficulty breathing, and nerve pains.

If you are having a hard time overcoming “Long Covid,” try Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to help you regain your pre-COVID-19 life.