Lexie Parker, PTA

Lexi was born and raised in Sugar City, Idaho as the oldest of four siblings. As a family, they enjoy being active indoors, and especially outdoors. Some of her favorite outdoor activities with family are: hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, camping, and snowboarding. Lexi also grew up playing soccer, music, and traveling. Soon after graduating high school she was able to spend a month abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador volunteering in an orphanage of physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults. She spent most of her days taking her new friends outside to get exercise, practice walking, standing, and other functional tasks. Through her experience, she solidified a desire to pursue physical therapy, and was accepted to BYU-Idaho’s newly created Physical Therapy Assisting program. She continues to have the same excitement to assist patients in getting back to pain-free function as quickly as possible, while also making the process fun. She looks forward to serving you and those you love as a member of Eagle Rock Physical Therapy.